11 Stylish Modern Home Decor Products from Hayneedle that Look Expensive (but aren't!)

Alright, so don’t hate me.  I know this weekly Monday feature is meant to help you kick off the week right and I’m a day late.  #iknowisucksoyoudonthavetotellme

Me and The Hubs went away on vacay last week (we haven’t done that together in 4 years!), so I’m still getting back in the groove and getting caught up with work stuff.  Gah!  Is it Friday yet??

Anyway, here is your weekly dose of affordable home decor that looks expensive (but isn’t!).  This week – HAYNEEDLE!

Click here to check out last week’s Joss & Main (one of my fave online shopping joints) edition in case you missed it.


Jet.com bought Hayneedle in early 2016 and then Walmart bought Jet.com in late 2016 so Walmart is now the proud adoptive parent of Hayneedle.  Good lord, that was a mouthful of garbage I just spit out.

I only purchased two things on Hayneedle so I don’t have tons of experience shopping on the site, but I can say that I had a good experience with both of my orders and have no complaints.

I had to return one of the orders (boo!), but kept the other (yay!) which has quickly become our fave thing on our back porch: our swanky hanging chair!

I REALLY wanted to incorporate a hanging chair into our porch’s design but I wasn’t willing to throw down $600 or more on one.  So I was beyond ecstatic when I found the chair on Hayneedle on sale for $250!!!

money tree in basket hanging chair on porch fiddle leaf fig in black planterClick here for design sources

You can find some really cool, high-design things on Hayneedle but you gotta be willing to put in the time to poke around because like Walmart, there is some cheap shit mixed up in there. But it’s totally worth the pokin’ around because they do have some great deals.

If you love Drew Barrymore’s new “Flower Home” line at Walmart, you can also find it on Hayneedle.  Look at how effing cute and dreamy this Flower Home dog bed is. Woof frickin’ woof.

11 Stylish Modern Home Decor Products from Hayneedle that Look Expensive (but aren't!)Image Source:  Hayneedle

Flower Home has some truly unique and fun products and it reminds me a little bit of Target’s Opalhouse line:  a sprinkle of artsy fartsy mixed with a touch of boho for a fresh, interesting combo.  But ultimately, my heart belongs to Opalhouse. Sorry, Drew – just keepin’ it real in the feel.

So let’s take a look at the beautiful (but affordable) high-design loot I found online this week …


11 Stylish Modern Home Decor Products from Hayneedle that Look Expensive (but aren't!)

1. Sofa | 2. Jute Pouf | 3. Area Rug | 4. Coffee Table | 5. Windsor Bench
6. Buffet | 7. Wall Sconce | 8. Wingback Chair | 9. Dog Bed | 10. Armchair | 11. Desk

What are your faves on this mood board?  I honestly can’t pick a fave this week – I love them all so much.  I could totally see that wingback chair living in the amazing Liz Marie Galvan’s gorgeous antique farmhouse.

Let me know if you’ve purchased any good loot on Hayneedle lately – I’d love to hear all about it!

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11 Stylish Modern Home Decor Products from Hayneedle that Look Expensive (but aren't!)
Image Source:  Hayneedle

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