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Timeless zen spa bathroom remodel design ideas and inspiration

So many people want to create their own little zen-like spa bathroom but don’t know where the hell to start.  It can definitely be quite overwhelming because there are literally THOUSANDS of products choices out there.

Since I actually THRIVE on seeing all of the beautiful products out there (totally crazy, right?), I thought a mood board of a serene spa bathroom design would be a perfect topic for us to tackle today.

Let’s dig in!


There’s something so magical about going away on vacation to some spa resort and soaking your cares (and your obligatory hangover) away in a luxurious tub while listening to some relaxing tunes on Spotify.

What makes the experience even more magical is the sheer fact that you won’t have to clean that tub afterward. Hey – it’s the little things in life.

So today, let’s channel that same luxurious, relaxing feeling into a spa-like retreat you can create in your own home, making it super easy to escape crazy-day bullshit without having to book a one-way flight.

If you’re in the early stages of planning a bathroom remodel and you’ve been looking for some fresh sources of inspiration, this post just might be the kick in your cute little ass you sorely needed.


Anita Yokota’s CRAZY gorgeous bathroom remodel is one I’ve been stalking and Pinning THE HELL OUT OF for months now.  If you personally haven’t stumbled upon it yet, I highly recommend doing so.

I find the transformation to be incredibly inspirational: from the beautiful materials used;  to the peaceful feeling the space immediately brings; to the copious amounts of daylight that floods this stunning room.  WOW. Just … WOW.   Guys, this is design porn at its freaking best.

To help you envision what’s going on in my tiny head, here are two different views of her amazing bathroom retreat so you can get a feeling of the room’s space and configuration.

Image Source:  Anita Yokota
Image Source:  Anita Yokota

Do you guys see why I’m in so much L-O-V-E with her bathroom??? It was designed SO perfectly and it’s timeless – this baby won’t need to be updated in the future unless the owners grow tired of it (which I don’t think is humanly possible anyway).

I didn’t use matte black fixtures for my design board, but I did mix metals to add some visual interest.  If you’ve been afraid of mixing metals (one of my FAVE things to do!), this is a good place to start since the difference between the hardware materials isn’t totally obvious.  It’s all about taking those baby steps …

The finish on the double vanity’s hardware and the pivoting mirrors is “polished nickel,” the finish on the wall sconces is “brushed nickel,” and the finish on the shower faucet, tub filler, and toilet tissue holder is “brilliance brushed nickel.”  So while they’re all some kind of nickel finish, there is enough of a variance in color that will keep the space from looking too “matchy-matchy.”

Let’s take a look at the serene zen spa bathroom mood board I created using Anita’s gorgeous bathroom’s layout as my inspiration.


Wall Sconces | Pivoting Mirrors | Shower Faucet | Double Vanity
Shower Wall Tile | Pendant | Tub | Tub Filler | Tissue Holder
Floor Tile | Rug for Vanity | Wall Paint Color

I wanted this space to make you feel like you just stepped into a resort hotel’s bathroom by incorporating soothing colors throughout all of the materials used. I wanted it to become a peaceful escape,  giving your tired body and mind some much needed rest.

I also wanted to use materials and fixtures that would be timeless.  Although I love patterned tile, I think they have a relatively short lifespan as it’s really easy to get tired of busy patterns.  I much prefer solid colors for “permanent” materials such as flooring and tile.  I like to add patterns and funkiness through things that are easily changeable such as rugs and light fixtures.

Speaking of tile, guys – I can’t even begin to tell you how much I absolutely ADORE the hexagon flooring tile.   It’s the same color as my logo – HUZZAH! I need to bring that tile into my life somehow …

So what do you think of this mood board?  Do you see yourself soaking in that ridiculously perfect tub while the soft light of that pendant is shining down on you from the heavens? What would you change or add to this mood board? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!

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