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I took a little hiatus from my blog last week to focus on the needs of my two photography businesses.  Being a business owner can be quite rewarding, but there are many times when it sucks ass too.  Last week would definitely be in the “Sucked Major Ass” category.

Hey – it can’t be unicorns and rainbows all the time. But that’s what makes life so incredibly interesting:  getting to experience all of those unexpected ups and downs. Plus, I would get pretty tired of cleaning up my unicorn’s pink bedazzled poop all the time.  While it might look all cute and sparkly, it’s still poop just the same.

This week’s “I Spy High-End Design from:” is PIER 1!

Click here to check out the Birch Lane edition in case you missed it the other week.  I designed not one, but THREE mood boards that were broken down by room.  That’s me livin’ on the wild side, folks.


Did you know that Pier 1 is the latest national retailer heading towards extinction? Yeah – I was surprised when I found out too!

Pier 1 is kinda like that hairy mole on your foot you’ve had since you were a kid:  you assumed it would always be there so you learned to just live with it.  Eventually, you became comforted knowing it would always be there with you (you even gave it a clever name: “Harry”), only to wake up one day and find it GONE.  POOF! Even though you didn’t necessarily care for it all that much, you still find sadness at the sudden loss of something so familiar.  Godspeed, Harry.  Until we meet again …

Anyway, Google “Pier One” and “Forbes” and you’ll find a treasure trove of articles predicting its demise.  Pier 1 has already announced it will be closing a bunch of stores, and they keep showing dismal results in their quarterly reports.  Rut ro, Rastro.  Might be time to pull the plug.

Although I’ve browsed through many Pier 1 stores over the years,  I can’t really say I’ve purchased much from them.  I used to buy their candles, but that was until cleaner-burning soy candles came on the market so I stopped buying their sooty candles.

I do have one Pier 1 purchase from about 15 years ago that I’m never getting rid of because I love it so. damn. much.  It’s a gorgeous glass mosaic mirror (similar to this but rectangular) that they discontinued years ago.   It’s a very neutral color so it fits in with any color scheme, and when the sunlight catches the tiny pieces of glass, WOW – the mirror really sparkles and shines!  It’s such a special piece.  It might even be buried with me one day.

I’ve never been a die-hard fan of Pier 1 but I know people who are. I’ll stop in there from time to time but only because I happen to be visiting a neighboring store.  While they do have some nice things, nothing from Pier 1 has ever really blown me away (other than my beloved mirror, of course).

HOWEVER … I am willing to stick my hypothetical hairy-moled foot in my mouth for this post because I found some really awesome stuff on their website and was quite surprised by how pretty and unique some of these pieces are!

Word to the wise:  If you end up liking any of these things, I would suggest running out and getting them before this doomed ship sinks to the bottom of the sea.


1. Sofa | 2. Wall Art | 3. Pouf | 4. Blush Round Mirror | 5. Coffee Table | 6. Basket
7. Chenille Throw | 8. Table Lamp | 9. Console Table | 10. Floor Lamp | 11. Area Rug
12. Indigo Pillow | 13. Green Pillow | 14. Striped Pillow | 15. Side Table


16. Armchair | 17. Gold Pendant | 18. Round Mosaic Mirror | 19. Buffet
Iron Bed | 21. Lanterns | 22. Black Dining Chair | 23. Glass Bowl
Dining Table | 25. Area Rug | 26. Flatware | 27. Dining Chair

Hopefully, Pier 1 can get its crap together and keep their ship afloat for a few more years.  Even though it’s not on my Top 10 list of fave home decor stores, I do get a little sad thinking about its ultimate demise.  I’m a sucker for nostalgia.

What are your faves on these mood boards? I think my first fave is the wall art – the color combination is so beautiful and I find the piece to be really calming.  The next fave of mine is that round blush pink mosaic mirror.  If I had a place for it, I’d get it.  I’m a huge fan of round mirrors and that blush pink one is so unique, pretty and fun.

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Image Source:  Pier One

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