Hey guys! Hope you’re having a good week so far.

I’ve been sick as a daaaawwwwg since last Thursday and I’m finally out of the worst of it.  Good lawd, that crap was miserably brutal!

I had this horrible pressure in my head that made me feel as if it was stuck in a vice grip, and my throat was on F-I-R-E.  And then all the seemingly endless snot stuff started up – GOOD TIMES. I was bed-bound for 3 days which was utter hell for me since I typically can’t sit still on any given day.

But I’m back, baby and ready to present this week’s edition of “I Spy High-End Design from:”  And this week, I’m going to cover everyone’s favorite shopping joint:  TARJAY!!

Click here to check out the Pier One edition in case you missed it last week.  There were some pretty good finds, so it’s definitely worth checking it out.


So for any of you that have been following this blog or my personal Instagram account for awhile, you know I’m a hard-core Target junkie.  Like SUPER hard core. We all have our vices and that fricking amazing white & red store is mine.

I crave that store at least 2-3 times per week.  I need it.  I want it.  Momma gotta have it.

I don’t necessarily buy something every time I’m there, but I love the high I get from browsing to see what new addictive products they’re offering me that week.

They purposely make that store full of wonder and surprise to make you keep coming back for more and boy, do they have me under their marvelously enchanting spell. Those wily bastards – they really know what they’re doing.

I wrote a couple of Target posts (here and here) since I launched this little blog o’ mine in late April and this post still gets CRAZY amounts of traffic on Pinterest even though patio season is coming to an end in most parts of the country. The Target addiction is real, y’all.

I know if you’re anything like me, you’re totally jonesin’ to see what Tarjay products made my mood boards this week.  I had SO much difficulty narrowing down my list – it’s like trying to pick which of your three children is your favorite (the middle one, of course.  Duh).


1. Armchair | 2. Bar Cart | 3. Canvas Art | 4. End Table | 5. Area Rug
6. Striped Pillow | 7. Runner Rug | 8. Floor Lamp | 9. Basket
10. Rattan Basket | 11. Faux Monstera Plant | 12. Striped Throw
13. Nightstand | 14. Mustard Pillow | 15. Woven Counter Stool


16. Armchair | 17. Lumbar Pillow | 18. Dresser | 19. Buffet Lamp | 20. Credenza
21. Windsor Chair | 22. Chenille Pillow | 23. Barrel Chair Set | 24. Seagrass Deer Head
25. Tribal Vase | 26. Chesterfield Sofa | 27. Gold Vase | 28. Area Rug
29. Hanging Basket | 30. Knit Throw | 31. Drum End Table

So what are YOUR faves on these mood boards?

I think my first fave is the Chesterfield sofa.  Chesterfield sofas are typically a little too formal for my personal design taste, but I do appreciate the impeccable design and this Target version is no exception.  The neutral color is such a beautiful tone making it SUPER easy to load up with colorful throw pillows each season.  And while it’s a formal look, there’s a casual vibe going on as well.  #dammittargetdoesitagain

The next fave of mine is that black & wood barrel chair set.   How much fun are those chairs??  They also come in solid colors as well as white & wood.  If you’re looking to punch up your dining room with something bold, yet more on the minimal side, these chairs are perfect!

Let me know if you’ve purchased any good loot at Target lately – I’d love to hear all about it (and I’ll probably have to run out and get one for myself!).

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Thanks so much for visiting my blog – I really do appreciate your support!  ❤︎

Image Source: Target

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