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If you’ve been following my blog, you may have noticed I was MIA last week and most of this week.  But I have a good reason – I swear!!

If you’re a naturally creative person like me, you can understand that while your creative brain can be your superhero most times, it can also become your worst enemy.

Your brain constantly has ideas popping into it (with those ideas ranging from brilliant to total dog shit) which can become quite paralyzing at times.  I know – “Boo. Hoo. Cry me a frickin’ river, Michelle.”

When my brain gets to that point of paralyzation and I can’t seem to be able to focus on any tasks, I notice that my actual surroundings mirror the disorganization of my brain. When I reach this point, I know I need to stop all the noise and prioritize my mental health.  In essence, I just need to “reset” my brain by getting things around me organized so I can get back to focusing on tasks.

To achieve this “reset,” I took some much-needed time to organize my office which included filing and entering a HUGE stack of business receipts into my accounting software.  Guys – when I tell you I would have opted to get a colonoscopy instead of entering and scanning every one of those receipts, I totally mean it.  Accounting is definitely my Achilles heel when it comes to running a business. IT’S. JUST. NOT. FUN. At least with a colonoscopy, you can look forward to getting knocked out.

I also organized my blog’s monthly editorial calendar and I’m just SO excited about all of the future articles coming your way! I have lots of DIY projects I’ve been wanting to share with you, as well as a client project that’s supposed to begin in the next 2 weeks. The project has been in the making since April so I cannot (CAN. NOT!) wait until I can start sharing the project’s progress with you.


My client and I have been working on a living room/dining room refresh in the home her family has lived in for 14 years.  The living room, while nice, is rarely used and has become “dead” space and she wants to make it into an inviting room that she, her husband and their their 3 young children will use often.

They’ve had the same furniture and decor over those 14 years so they look a bit dated.  We’ll be keeping some pieces and freshening them up with new paint or fabric, and other pieces will be sold to put towards purchasing new furniture.  One of the integral purchases for the living room project is the new sofa.  Their current sofa is very high-quality and looks decent, but it doesn’t fit this young family’s lifestyle or personality at all.  It’s way too formal and stuffy, and this family is the total opposite.  So we’re going to buy something modern (yet timeless), comfy, and sophisticated (yet fun).

So what the hell does design stew have to do with anything?  Well, if you’re new to decorating, just think of designing a room as making stew (I’m going somewhere with this so stick with me …).

A sofa is one of the most important “ingredients” in a living room because it sets the tone (flavor) of a space (stew) which, in turn, helps guide the direction in which the overall design (overall taste of the stew) needs to go.

The sofa is going to be the “meat” of the stew and will be the prominent ingredient. Is the sofa going to have a traditional, Scandinavian, farmhouse, modern, casual, glam, or boho flavor to it? That flavor then becomes the main taste of the stew (or room in this case) and will help you in making choices when selecting other ingredients (chairs, coffee & side tables, lighting, rugs, throw pillows, etc.) to add to your design stew.

However, we don’t want your design stew to be one flavor.  OH, HELL NO. We need to add some other flavors (different decorating styles) to the mix to create an interesting multi-flavored design stew to make the final product fresh, inviting and interesting.  YUM.

See? I told you I was going somewhere with this wacky analogy.  And now I’m hungry, dammit.


When I dove into the virtual rabbit hole hunting for sofas for this post, I wanted to find pieces that looked sophisticated, yet fun and interesting.  There was a large selection to choose from and it was quite difficult narrowing them down to 13.

I think this is where the majority of homeowners get decision paralysis from having too many options from which to choose.  That’s where an interior stylist comes in handy *hint hint*.

Any of these sofas easily qualifies as a neutral color even if it’s not beige or grey.  The colors of these sofas will pair up beautifully with a variety of other colors, even that punchy rust-colored piece!

So if you’ve been on your own seemingly endless hunt for the perfect sofa for your living room, I just saved 2 hours of your precious life by finding these beauties for you.  See how much I love you? ❤︎


Pottery Barn Sofa | Joss & Main Sofa

Hayneedle Sofa | Joybird Sofa

IKEA Sofa | West Elm Sofa

Target Sofa | Urban Outfitters Sofa

All Modern Sofa | Overstock Sofa

Article Sofa | CB2 Sofa

Walmart Sofa

I hope this post helped you in your search for stylish sofas that won’t drain your bank account.  I think these 13 gorgeous sofas did a great job proving that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create a high-end look.

If you’re looking for other stylish and affordable furniture for your home, make sure to follow my Furniture Ideas board on my super-organized Pinterest feed  – I’m adding pins almost daily on that board.

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Thank you so much for following my blog and letting me help make your home a little more beautiful and joyful! XOXO ❤︎

Image Source: Hayneedle

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