A Little Bit About Me


Welcome to Sanctuary! I’m Michelle Wood and as a professional photographer, graphic designer, and interior stylist, my passion in life is finding the beauty in everyday things and settings.

I believe stylish, simple, and serene spaces can nourish & replenish our souls and I enjoy helping people discover the beauty of their own homes.   

I really enjoy writing and I love teaching others how to create their own personalized serene spaces, and that’s why I started this blog.  When you’re here, I want you to feel relaxed and inspired! 

I’m originally from the southern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois (go Sox!), and I moved to Naples, Florida during the winter of 1997. Although I dearly miss the vibrant, beautiful downtown area with all of its amazing architectural history, events and diversity, I don’t miss the horrible winters one bit. I’m an outdoorsy girl by nature and I couldn’t stand being cooped up for months at a time with no sun! However, I think all of those months stuck inside helped me discover my love for decorating while figuring out how to do so on a shoestring budget, and for that, I am super thankful.

Over the many years I’ve been in Naples, I have lived in a countless number of apartments, condos and houses and I enjoyed decorating each one to reflect my personality and make it feel like home. I really started to hone in on my decorating abilities and style after spearheading two extensive remodel projects on two of our former homes, and designing our current custom modern farmhouse (“Fuzzybutt Farm” – a tribute to our rescue animals) from scratch. Even though the process can be (and is!) daunting and very stressful, I enjoyed EVERY single moment I was on the construction site. I was instantly hooked!

The Hubs and I were blessed to have Fuzzybutt Farm featured in the Naples Daily News (part of the USA Today network) in January 2019. One of their reporters discovered my personal @farmhouseforever Instagram feed, contacted me telling me she loved my style and said she would like to feature our farmhouse in their Home & Garden section. Um, YES PLEASE!! You can read her wonderfully-written article here.

On this blog, I share home styling inspiration, DIY & craft projects, my decorating obsessions, gluten-free/allergy-free recipes (I have Celiac Disease & food allergies so the restaurant scene is not for me!), and other interior styling knowledge nuggets. I’m a creative-brained homebody so I’m always knee-deep in some kind of home project which, I ultimately discovered, is my own way of relaxing. I really enjoy sharing decorating tips I’ve learned along the way with others and I want to help inspire YOU to create your own simple, serene spaces.

So let’s do this! ❤︎